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Zeronauts philosophy and vision

In the last century, astronauts launched into the heavens, in search of new worlds to colonize. Their work forced our species to recognize that our Earth is a very rare planet indeed. The Distributed Ledger / Blockchain technology can contribute significantly to achieve a zero-impact economy.

A new wave of explorers create wealth in tune with our environment.

These are the Zeronauts.

Our vision is a trustworthy, secure and sustainable crypto universe. The Zeronauts ecosystem shall become the ultimate focal point for sustainability in the crypto world.


We build the largest community-driven platform for assessing crypto tokens. Crypto community members can earn our token ZNS with applying our well thought-out methodologies to assess the sustainability of crypto projects. Our crypto assessments are available to everyone and consider economic, social and ecological factors.


Making the crypto space more secure and sustainable. We aim to assess every existing crypto token. Crypto developers can improve their tokens based on our assessment. We also provide due dilligence audits of crypto tokens that can be used by leading crypto exchanges.

NFT sustainability labels

Particularly sustainable crypto projects shall receive Zeronauts NFT sustainability labels to show with pride their efforts in creating tokens with sustainability in mind. We have the goal that every prestigious crypto project desires our Zeronaut NFT label in order to raise trust and show their achievement in creating an astounishing token / blockchain.

Supporting sustainability projects

We support sustainability projects within and outside the crypto world. A percentage of ZNS transactions shall flow into selected sustainability projects worldwide. The Zeronauts community decides upon which featured projects will be supported


First community driven platform for sustainability assessments of crypto tokens. Earn ZNS for reviewing the ecological, social and economic sustainability of crypto projects based on scientific derived methodologies.



Providing a sustainable NFT platform and issuing Zeronauts sustainability NFT labels.
The labels allow investors to find crypto projects according to their preferences. It also encourages crypto projects to become more sustainable.


Building the Zeronauts DEX – the most sustainable decentralised exchange.


Fair launched, automatic LP acquisition and burn.
Automatic charity and assessment extraction.


Earn while holding ZNS.
2% of every transaction is redistributed to the community, proportional to the tokens that they hold. 


Supporting sustainability projects within and outside the crypto space.
Monthly charity donations to projects selected by the community.



Initial Token Allocation


The Zeronauts Team is proud to announce that we don’t have any pre-sale or any investors at launch. We intended a fair distribution of our tokens with a 80% allocation for liquidity. The founders hold each 3% and there is a 8% business reserve pool that is locked for two years. The goal would be that this pool won’t be needed and the complete wallet could be burned at release. Max amount per transaction is 1 mio ZNS.

So is it safu ? / Security measures


We are a real project working for a purpose.
Security therefore is our highest priority.

We want to provide a safe place to assess, learn and trade.

We provide the following measures:


  • Fair launch
  • No presale
  • Dev holdings <= 12 %
  • Our smart contract is a means to an end. So that we can react flexibly to new business requirements at any time, we will not renounce ownership
  • Known Swiss project Team

Locked LP (2 years)

Locked tokens for future exchanges (6 months)

Locked business reserves (2 years)

Best practice smart contract (all known issues / bugs of BEP-20 fixed)

Initial Token Allocation


  • 8% business reserves (locked 2 Years)
  • 38% Pancakeswap LP (locked 2 years)
  • 42% Future exchanges (locked 6 months)
  • 3% Founder wallet 1
  • 3% Founder wallet 2
  • 3% Founder wallet 3
  • 3% Founder wallet 4

Transaction Fees


The Zeronauts protocol conducts a tax of 7% on each transaction.

2% of this tax is redistributed to the community, proportional to the tokens that they hold. This system incentivizes our community to hold on to the Zeronauts Ecosystem token to make it a sustainable movement.

The remaining 5% is transferred back as liquidity provider tokens to the Exchange Liquidity Pool (LP). On a regular basis, 40% of the newly accumulated LP tokens will be added to the existing liquidity pool. The other 60% of the newly accumulated LP tokens will be extracted from the liquidity pool and are used for the following tasks:

  • Zeronauts Assessments will be rewarded with ZNS Tokens. There will be a dedicated pool where the rewards will be stored. 10% of the ZNS extraction will be transferred into this pool on a monthly base. Reward period will be the first day until the last day of the month. This pool will be distributed to all Zeronauts according to the number of qualified assessments they provided during this period.
  • Charity for our sustainable earth mission
  • Reserves are healthy and needed by the organization for any black swan event that may happen in the cryptocurrency space
  • Business Development to pay salaries and recruit more staff in the near future. Furthermore, to develop and expand our ecosystem
  • Marketing to attract more people to our ecosystem and get global adoption in the cryptocurrency space.
  • Burning for a consistent deflation of our token

Transaction Fees


  • 93% Send to Destination
  • 2% Holder Reward
  • 3% Token Extraction
  • 2% Added to Existing Liquidity Pool

Distribution of Extraction 1/2:

50% BNB Extraction


  • 30% Marketing
  • 15% Charity
  • 15% Stability Reserve
  • 40% Business Development

Distribution of Extraction 2/2:

50% ZNS Extraction


  • 60% Burn
  • 10% Zeronauts Assessment Rewards
  • 30% Reserve