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WHKLR fights for financial freedom against market manipulation. This is a new style token on the Binance Smart Chain with a revolutionary 20% fee to stop anyone who wishes to fluctuate our price. The developer is fully self doxed on multiple platforms and 7 Audits have already been applied for, with one returned!


“We are not anti-whale, in-fact we invite and welcome them to hold with us, but every-time they buy and sell trying to manipulate our price, 40% of their profits goes back into the project. Let that sink in, 40 Percent!" - WHKLR Dev


For now, the project is like most projects on the BSC network, just a typical Smart contract. In six to twelve months, WHKLR intends on being the "go-to" site to find out if a new token is real or not. Its never to early to get in on a project with a doxed dev, locked lp, renounced ownership, anti-manipulation tokenomics and a long term vision to change the way people trade high risk Cryptocurrency.


Of the 20% fee, it is broken down as follows:


• 10% Redistribution to all current holders


• 5% sent to Liquidity Pool


• 4% by sent to Marketing wallet for advertising


• 1% sent to Marketing wallet for charity


-Fair Launch was Monday the 17th


-Market Cap is currently 65k! easy easy easy 10x


-780 WHKLR holders