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Hold. Earn. Moon.

The early life of a token is rife with perils capable of completely killing it with just a few missteps. Extremely low starting market cap provides early buyers significant future leverage. $500 USD immediately after launch, could equate to $50k worth of a project’s token within 24h. A $50k sell off by a single holder that early on, could be devastating. The inherent volatility in the crypto market, especially altcoins, incentivizes quick trades making it difficult for a project to gain real upward momentum. And early whales have the opportunity to breath much needed wind in a project’s sails, exciting the market, only to dump soon after others jump in. The impact of any one of these events can be exponentially devastating when this triggers a broader market sell off.


While increasingly more tokens are providing a ~5% redistribution/reflection on all transactions, we wanted to further incentivize holders to HODL and thus designed WenMoon with a 15% tax. 100% of the WenMoon collected is then redistributed to wallet holders weighted by their holding’s percentage of the pool. In theory this helps in a few ways: 1) the cost of transacting is high as you pay the 15% tax buying into WenMoon (plus some loss for slippage) AND you pay the 15% tax (plus slippage) when you trade out. In theory this incentivizes traders to hold until there have been substantial enough gains to account for both transactions. Ideally that swing in position is carrying with it enough momentum to power through any one single trade; 2) Larger investors see these high liquidity yields on trusted projects as an opportunity to earn meaningful growth at a slightly lower risk than typical trading. Parking money into a token with positive price movement and a high redistribution rate can equate to meaningful gains. At least in theory, the more these large investors take advantage of the recursive cycle of earning tokens through distribution,  which in turn earns them a greater share of each distribution, and so on and so forth, the more liquidity is held in the project increasing price stability and value per token. Some projects utilize some form of a liquidity lock to be released at a future data as an attempt to incentivize holding and to reduce the amount of tokens traded out. The psychological difference in having a small percentage of your trade locked until a future date, versus collecting a relatively large percentage of each transaction all day, everyday if one continues to hold is quite profound.


Utility Backed – Helping Others Moon

The probability of a meme token/altcoin having any meaningful liquidity for any longer than a week or so is extremely low given how pervasive new token launches are these days. A token with meaningful real world utility to stand on significantly increases the odds the project will be able to hold and grow investors over time. The success and price of the project usually becomes highly correlated with the adoption/success of the underlying utility. While there are no guarantees, we’d like to have the probabilities on our side for WenMoon being a meaningful long-term project with an active and sizable community. 


The opportunity to both create a long-term project with substance, while also helping people “moon” is an exciting notion. We’re all looking to reach the moon in some way (getting your lambo, buying a sick house for the fam, helping a family member in debt, or whatever else we joke about buying). Most of us have also made bad investments that have, at least in some way, inhibited our progression towards whatever moon we’re chasing.


For these reasons, the WenMoon team is developing a suite of applications designed to increase the intelligence and transparency of trading in the ETH and BSC chains. These apps will start small initially focused on bringing quick utility (e.g. answering questions such as…how much are you earning in holding your high reflection rate token? What is your averaged buy in price on token X? What is the value of your locked liquidity in Token Z and when does it release?). These applications will quickly evolve in complexity and direction based on the guidance of the community. We’d love to help better identify potential at-risk projects in real-time to avoid the far too prevalent scams / “rug pulls”. There still exists significant opportunities to solve unsolved problems, to help investors make more intelligent and informed decisions, and in general help good people reach the moon!


The applications will follow the common freemium model in which most of the functionality is free to use, while some premium features/metrics will require the user to be holding WenMoon (with the possibility of some cool charity opportunities in there). 

3rd Party Audit Complete

WenMoon has completed an independent Smart Contract audit and passed with flying colors. No rugs here. Click to read more.



First Exchange Listing - HotBit

WenMoon is becoming official by listing on it's first exchange HotBit.io to open up the market able and willing to trade WenMoon.



Real World Use Case

With a development team of three, the WenMoon team is hard at work building their first Dapp focused on smarter, safer crypto investing. The release of WenMoon backed Dapp should increase price stability and value of the WenMoon token.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000

Burned Supply: 9,239,764,425,394.73

Supply in Circulation: 461,705,793,317.76 


WenMoon utilizes a 15% tax for each transaction in which 100% of fees are redistributed to existing holders. Manual token burns are run every additional 100 wallet holders.


Safety At Launch

Step by step plan to ensure 100% safety.


  • Dev burned liquidity pair
  • No presale to avoid initial dump on release and unfair price advantages
  • No dev tokens; dev team was required to buy in with everyone at the time of launch

WenMoon Quick Stats


Market Cap - $15.8m



Wallet Holders - 18,210



Current Price (USD) - $0.00002148



Tokens In Circulation - 750.9 Billion