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Have you ever had to wait tirelessly just for a GPU restock to happen? Constantly refreshing the page just to see the 'Buy Now button'? But upon pressing it everything had already become out of stock - leaving you want to rage and destroy everything in sight...

We have all heard of Wen Lambo, Wen Bugatti, Wen Waifu but none of us have ever heard these to words placed next to each other as we all think it may be impossible but no, - Wen GPU?

We are here to put an end to this madness by creating a GPU giveaway frenzy! Every few days we will give a proportion of the marketing wallet to a fellow pc enthusiast who we will have helped buy a GPU, a new type of charity. 

We consist from a range of individuals coming from different specialties such as Developing, Marketing, Design and PR

The team will focus on trying to break into the gaming industry whilst keeping a crypto oriented emphasis. We will do this by creating long-term partnerships with prominent figures in both gaming and crypto and also leveraging the GPU insanity in order to gain exposure. 

There is a chance that once the initial marketing phase of the token is over it will be handed over to a capable and highly invested individual from the community, and of course if that is to happen we will provide them with a road-map and the necessary tools to keep things going



1% - Giveaways

Giveaway: 1% of  transfer tax will be sent to the Giveaway wallet.

3% - Marketing

Each transaction will allow to grow the marketing budget and therefore giving us a chance to scale our giveaways

6% LP Fee

Automatic Liquidity Rate: 6% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.