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WeatherBalloon’s goal is to give a home to those that are innovating in different areas such as game development or DeFI and serve as a knowledge base for up and coming projects and developers to build new tools whilst also expanding the entire WBN ecosystem in the process.

To do this, the team is constantly adding additional features to the WBN platform such as their BUIDL partnership with Apeswap along with the recent launch of their Minecraft community and official server. There are also several other features that will be added to WeatherBalloon over time such as their upcoming ToysHouse and TeaHause projects. ToysHouse and TeaHouse will serve as marketplaces and distribution hubs for games and NFTs while also adding deflation to their native currencies.

The biggest feature of the platform is to serve as a launchpad and a knowledge hub for both video game and DeFI projects.



69% of the total supply was burned at launch, making WBN a hyper-deflationary token.

2% of every transaction is redistributed to all holders.

2% of every transaction is added to liquidity.

Why this is a good moonshot candidate: Unlike other deflationary tokens, WeatherBalloon serves a real purpose by creating a knowledge base and a developer community, something that both video game and DeFI desperately need. With the amount of talent in there, the platform is pretty much guaranteed to explode with new features over the next few months. With a MarketCap of only $500,000 and a plethora of features that other tokens lack, WBN is pretty much a guaranteed winner.


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