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Vibraniums is started with a vision to become “Front page of worlds NFTS”

There are mainly 3 use cases of the token.

it will be used for the Transaction at Vibraniums NFTs platform. A user needs to have $Vibra in their wallet to mint or buy NFTs.

Vibra will be used as a Governance token, using which users can vote for platform development and feature requests.

Users can stack $Vibra in the stacking pool, and they can earn the reward.

Why Vibraniums is different from other platforms?

5 factors, which as a whole differentiating it from other platforms.

Geographical advantage: The origin of Vibraniums is India, and historically India is known for ancient temples and arts, which have shaped the culture. India has 28 states with 28 different cultures and arts. We have great physical/digital artists here, but they have never gotten the opportunity to monetize their arts at the highest potential. So We want to give them exposure to the domestic and international market so that they can sell their art pieces.

NFTs indexing: We are planning to incorporate the idea of index-based investing in our platform. Most promising NFTs will be picked and an index will be created, in which investors can invest.

iNFTs: It is the combination of Synthetic media and NFTs. A user can create personalized avatars or videos and can mint as NFTs. It leverages AI facial reenactment technology, to create personalized gifs or videos. We are in the process to incorporate this technology into our platform, which will take 4-6 months to do it.

We are adapting BSC, which will be helpful to pay less gas fee during the minting process.

Content Localization: We are planning for Content localization, where users will able to explore the best NFTs of their region.










Token Distribution


Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000


Liquidity: 75%- 750,000,000,000
Marketing: 15%- 150,000,000,000
Team: 10%- 100,000,000,000