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Velocity is a project which aims to achieve the highest APY on Binance Smart Chain through our APY growth mechanism. Structurally, we provide two vaults: the BNB vault, which will contain the APY mechanism and the VEL vault: the optimal place for storing your VEL tokens. To ensure maximum security of these vaults, we have implemented no functions which can be called by the owner and, in addition, have renounced ownership of the contract

$VEL is a ultra-degen farmable BEP-20 token which aims to offer the highest yield on the Binance Smart Chain network. Once BNB is staked in the BNB vault, it is automatically converted into LP tokens which is then locked for 10 days. The rewards and the LP are then claimable after this time period. The APY is increased by 10,000% for every BNB staked in the vault.

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The BNB vault operates by combining staked BNB with a corresponding amount of VEL tokens to produce liquidity. This liquidity is then locked for a period of 10 days, during which the staker earns rewards from the growing APY. Our mechanism implements APY as an increasing function of TVL meaning that, the more users stake in the BNB vault, the higher the APY grows.


Furthermore, users can earn referral rewards when they stake by entering the address of a current staker into the address input field. With this, the user who entered the address will receive a cashback in VEL referral bonuses equivalent to 2.5% of their stake. The entered address will receive a 5% equivalent. After the 10 day lockup period has expired, users can withdraw their stake, rewards and referral bonuses. There is a 50% contribution fee for all users, 10% of which will be sent to the VEL vault stakers, 10% of which will be taken as dev fees, and 80% of which will be used for marketing to maximize expansion of the project.

📝 Token Utility📷 The $VEL token can be staked in the VEL vault to earn BNB from the deposit fees on the BNB vault. These rewards are claimable at any time.