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The whole crypto market is getting slaughtered this weekend. It's a good time to regroup and find tokens which are setting up to take advantage of a rebound. I have been in the USKITA telegram all week and I think this community is putting all the pieces in place to launch into orbit this week.

The USKITA telegram is extremely active and energetic. There are community run marketing and admin teams who are hustling really hard in many directions. In a short period of time they did a complete rebrand and website redesign

For this upcoming week, besides a Soulja Boy plug, they also have several high follower youtube promos in the works, as well as many other influencer accounts. They are also working on several CEX listings and expecting a CoinMarketCap listing. They have already sold NFTs for charity
nd have more in the works. Crypto antics by Elon have driven token prices to bargain levels but with such strong energy this token is going to be rebounding hard. he American Akita is an actual dog breed!


CoinGecko ( and lined up many promos, including an upcoming one by Soulja Boy




$USKITA Generates Yield By Applying A 2% Tax To Every Transaction Is Instantly Distributed Among Token Holders.





1. Install MetaMask

Go to and install the internet browser extension. Follow the steps from their guide to get set up


2. Send ETH to Metamask

You can either buy ETH through Metamask or deposit ETH directly to your Metamask address using another exchange or wallet.


3. Connect to Uniswap

Go to and find the "Connect" button to connect your Metamask wallet to Uniswap.


4. Swap your ETH for $USKITA

Now you can swap your ETH for $USKITA. Add the ETH amount and the current $USKITA amount will be calculated. Click the gear icon on the top right corner of the swap box and set your slippage to 2-3% ( 4-5% in times of high trading activity) Click on "Swap"- a metamask window will pop up. click edit, advanced and set your gas number 20-100 numbers higher than what is there. Approve the transaction!


5. MOON!

Strap in and enjoy the ride! Don't forget our telegram is open for discussion, updates, and chatting amongst other holders!