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Let's be honest. Everyone's tired of these so called "community projects" with stupid names. They claim to have things on their roadmap like dApps, NFTs, gaming integration, or a whole new crypto utopia. They will write a crappy whitepaper, shill for a bit, have a few awkward AMAs, promise the moon, and then stagnate -- only to fade into obscurity.

Enter USELESS TOKEN -- the token that transparently offers investors no value. So no whitepaper, no expectations, no FUD, no AMAs, no whiny community, and no care in the world. This will either go to the moon -- because fate loves irony -- or you get a trophy of useless tokens in your wallet for some sweet bragging rights. Win-win!


1 Quadrillion Token Minted This is the token creation link, click the link to verify this information. 250 Trillion Burned Everybody is doing it, so why the hell not, you know that i can just mint 750 trillion to begin with, but nooo, lets do this extra step. Liquidity Creation Check the number of LP tokens created this is important for the next section. LP Locked The total number of LP tokens locked should be the same from the LP creation, this means that the initial LP is 100% locked. USELESS TOKENOMICS The token contract is a total clone of some of the most popular meme projects right now, I did not change a lot from their contract, so holders should get the same tax and reward. Deflationary 8% Tax/transaction 4% goes to holders 4% locked liquidity