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Mission Tsuki is a purpose-driven coalition with the aim of creating an ecosystem unlike any offering available in the vast cryptocurrency market. Pioneered by the captivating protagonist Tsuki Inu, the fan-centric immersive brand experience will look to disrupt the traditional financial institution. Built on a steadfast resolve to help others, Mission Tsuki will bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, democratizing cryptocurrency while simultaneously giving back to the broader global community.


With a lovable demeanor and contagious confidence, Tsuki Inu is a hero larger than life. Welcoming admirers far and wide, Tsuki’s universal appeal strives to bring all walks of life together and serve as the ultimate unifier. Fueled by the power and utility of $TKINU, only Tsuki has the courage to protect us from evil cosmic invaders as the ‘top dog’ travels through time & space on a mission to save the world!


A critical part of our mission is how we can connect communities to come together and unify for the greater good! As $TKINU is traded, a portion fuels the Tsuki Saves the World initiative, helping those in need. With philanthropy at the forefront of Tsuki’s Mission, leading with compassion and empathy Tsuki embodies the best in all of us. As the movement soars to new heights, the boundless opportunities for Tsuki to make an impact will be revealed. For Mission Tsuki, the sky is truly the limit.

Landing a dog on the moon is no mean feat. This launch schedule (roadmap) outlines key goals required for Tsuki’s mission to the moon, and beyond. Check back frequently for updates on how Tsuki is travelling!





✓ Website Launch
✓ 1,000 Holders
✓ 2,000 Telegram Members
✓ $10M Market Cap
✓ 3,000 Holders
✓ CoinGecko Listing
✓ 2 CEX Listings
✓ 5,000 Telegram Members




✓ CoinMarketCap Listing
✓ 5,000 Holders
✓ $50M Market Cap
Launch Marketing Campaign
10,000 Telegram Members
20,000 Holders
Website Makeover


Community Driven

$TKINU is a 100% decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency on the Ethereum blockchain, that fuels Tsuki – and it’s entire universe!


Instant Rewards

2% of every transaction (buy/sell) is re-distributed to $TKINU holders. If you own $TKINU, you can sit back and watch your balance grow!


Safe & Secure

We have locked away Liquidity & sent 50% of total supply to a burn address! We have also conducted a security audit for our contract, to secure the community’s trust.


Welcome to TsukiSwap! Our very own decentralized exchange where you can make all your ERC20 and TKINU related transactions!

Backed by some of the safest and most reliable technology in the DEX world, we’re happy to give holders and newcomers a great space to transact within our ecosystem!

Total supply Burned Redistribution $TKINU TOKEN & TOKENOMICS $TKINU is the ERC-20 token that fuels Tsuki, and it’s universe! The smart contract for $TKINU was deployed on May 14th, 2021 on the ethereum blockchain. Before throwing away the keys to the smart contract, 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens were minted as the initial supply, of which 50% were immediately burned. The purpose of this burn was to fairly reward $TKINU holders, whilst simultaneously burning tokens to the burn address at a proportional ratio, essentially increasing the scarcity value of the digital currency. How exactly is this redistribution calculated? Well, 2% of every transaction is redistributed to every holder in proportion to the amount of $TKINU they hold vs the total supply. The inaccessible burn address (0x0...0000dead) identifies as a holder. Redistribution & Burn Formulas: TotalRedistribution (per transaction) = Transacti