• $0.000000 (-98.28%)

    0.000000000 BNB

  • $33,130,014


  • 6 (+0.00%)


  • 1,000,000,000,000,000

    Total Supply






Tigance will offer a governance model in which users can participate through voting. The system comes with a governance token which will be $TIGANCE, the native token of the project. $TIGANCE must be owned to vote.

Decentralization is not a word that should be tossed around. To ensure full decentralization in the project, the platform is a community-owned project. Tigance grants the community, its ‘operators’, the function that participation protects and contributes control to the platform.

Due to voter participation and decentralized structures Tigance is a community-driven project. In addition, charitable projects that request fundings are shown to the community and voted on to determine altruistic community actions. Since the community paid for it, the community should choose who will be the recipient.

Without a proper governance parameter present, Tigance or any other project could never be a public good. This is why Tigance will be controlled, secured, and maintained by the stakeholders of the project, which is the community.

Blockchains traditionally have three foundational pillars: Decentralization, Immutability and Transparency. But just because each transaction of a currency can be seen on a blockchain explorer, that does not prove the functionality of a cryptocurrency project.

To prove transparency of the project to its investors, stakeholders and community, Tigance openly provides all information about each wallet address, supply allocation, and the team’s allocation. This approach goes above and beyond traditional means of transparency in other crypto projects.

Use of social media platforms like Telegram, Discord and Twitter will allow the Tigance team to engage directly with the community, and to provide updates and news about the project.

Tigance is dedicated to forging a strong foundation of trust and transparency within the crypto market. Providing this white paper as well consistent, high volumes of communication will help Tigance signal as trustworthy.



Total Tax fee: 8%


- Automatic LP Generation Mechanism: 2%

- Automatic Burn Rate: 2%

- Charity Wallet: 2%

- Marketing Wallet: 1%

- Manual Burns/Dev Wallet 1%

Tigance implements an automatic fixed burn rate of 2% on all transactions. Since the Burning Module is a crucial part to $TIGANCE structure, the ability to perform manual burns is available as well. The Tigance team is responsible for implementing burn strategies based on the number of holders, however, manual burns can only be performed at 1% rates.

An external goal that the Tigance project undertakes is to widen the methods in which investors/donators can contribute to charitable causes.