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The famous Token is the first NFT with a real use case. There will be just one digital picture of the famous person. Defi is the future of finance giving us the possibility to give digital value to people and participate in the success of famous people.

You can redeem these cards for picture rights representing the famous person. Famous actors, singers, Influencers… Sell these NFTs to their fanbase or keep them. The more attention the famous person gets the more valuable your NFT.

TFT is a decentralized fame market. Since the TFT is created from an ethereum, smart contract, an ICO is issued to the public through a public sale. The ICO is issued in exchange for ether & other digital currencies that are interchangeable with cryptocurrencies. The fame market allows users to stake the TFT on the website and earn “cards” with these cards you can buy a picture/meme that represents the digital value of a famous person.

Advantages of TFT Tokens

· It is easy to trade the TFT tokens on the Ethereum platform; this is made possible by the fact that the tokens are compatible & interchangeable with other digital assets on the blockchain.

· The TFT’s have a uniform and speedy transaction. Unlike other traditional value transfer methods, the transfer of assets to cryptocurrencies is immediate & quick.

· The tokens are accepted across the globe and can easily be transferred to digital assets, native currency, or other cryptocurrencies. This makes it a universal solution to a universal problem.

The Ecosystem


37% Circulating supply

35% Locked (35,000 tokens locked for 12 months)

12% Team and advisors

10% Development

6% Marketing