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Our Idea

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase meaning “no worries”. The goal behind $TATA coin is to bridge the gap between charity and cryptocurrency to capitalize on an expanding market in order to expand charitable donations into underserved and unserved markets.


🟧—Welcome to Hakuna Matata—🟧

Future Disney Partnership for NFT

FIRST EVER NFT Music and Arts Charity Marketplace

Disaster(earthquake, tsunamis, typhoon, wildfires, bombings) and Charity Donations!


Already have the following well BEFORE LAUNCH!!


✅Clear roadmap and a white paper

✅TG voice chat with devs

✅Planned use cases

✅Charity oriented


The HakunaMatata Way

Why investing in $TATA?


$TATA is a Binance Smart Chain based cryptoasset marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to transact based on long-term speculative and value views. The unique advantage $TATA offers is combining investing with altruism and charitable causes. $TATA believes that investment and charity can be merged into one medium to ensure the prosperity of one’s own wealth while benefiting the community and reflecting on the wellness of society positively.

Through dedicating a fixed initial supply pool for donations on one hand and continuously feeding the pool from the daily volume of transactions and the interactions of buyers and sellers, HakunaMatata will be capable of targeting a myriad of charitable causes and organizations around the world, especially within underserved and unserved markets, ranging  from combating world hunger, saving endangered animals, building schools and hospitals, and significantly more.


Token Distribution

  • 400 Tn PreSale Allocation Pool
  • 250 Tn PCS Liquidity Pool
  • 200 Tn Burn Pool
  • 60 Tn Charity Pool
  • 50 Tn Marketing Pool
  • 40 Tn Seed Investment Pool

Tokenomics Semantics

  • 6% Redistribution
  • 3% PCS LP Feedback
  • 1% Burn Pool Fee
  • 1% Charity Donations Pool
  • 1% Marketing & BD Fund Pool