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TAMARIN has adopted the value accumulation tokenomics of SAFEMOON ($4.7B Market Cap), which pioneered the concept of a token that accrues value by extracting a moderate fee from token sales and redirecting those fees back into the liquidity pool as well as a "reflect" function that sends the tokens directly back to the token holders. It's a simple concept, but proven and successful.

However, TAMA aims to improve on the SAFEMOON model in 3 key ways: SAFETY, CHARITY, and SUSTAINABILITY.

The TAMA developers have fixed a number of major issues in the SAFEMOON code raised by independent auditors (Certik), and have also added some additional important guardrails to protect token holders.

TAMARIN has decided to add a significant and highly transparent CHARITY angle to the token's basic functioning. Now, a certain percentage of the trading fees will be directed to a multisig, the majority of which are doxx'd public figures, who will direct these charity fees according to input from the TAMARIN community.

In order to make the token SUSTAINABLE, the token developers have excluded the charity vaults, the liquidity pool, and the DxSale pre-sale address from the "reflect" function. However, the DEAD address is not excluded. This means a certain amount of TAMA tokens are burned with every trade, making the protocol permanently deflationary.


When fees taken from token sales are redirected back to the liquidity pool, LP tokens are generated. A major issue raised about the SAFEMOON token is that these LP tokens are sent to the contract owner. We are having them sent to a DEAD address instead (i.e. BURNED).

Immediately after deployment of the liquidity pool, ownership of the contract will be transferred to a TimelockController owned by a protocol multisig (3/4). All ownerOnly calls on the contract must have at least a 24 hour delay, allowing any individual to observe in advance what actions are being taken on the contract.

We have set an upper bound on all fees, with the maximum total fee set at 10%. This means that even a malicious owner could not dramatically increase fees. And of course, all token supply was initialized on deployment, so there is no ability to mint new tokens.

A new multisig-only function has been added to rescue BEP20 tokens, excluding wBNB and TAMA, in order to help fix user errors when/if they accidentally send tokens to the contract.

A new multisig-only function has been added to rescue any wBNB or BNB accrued in the contract, market buy TAMA, and BURN them by sending to the dead address. This is to fix a major issue raised in SAFEMOON of inaccessibility of BNB balances.

A new multisig-only function to zap any TAMA sent into the contract into liquidity; with LP tokens again sent to the dead address.


A new charity fee (max 2%, default 1%) has been added to the contract. This forwards its fees to a 4/5 multisig with majority doxxed members. This wallet will be used to periodically release funds to charity that the community has agreed to and run events/livestreams utilizing those funds.

Rather than burn 47% of supply, we have instead opted to take 10% of supply and send it to three timelocked contracts accessible by the binance.charity address. 2% of the supply will be locked for 10 years, 3% for 25 years, and 5% for 50 years. We believe this is a long term bet on the protocol and a better alternative to a full burn.

Additionally, 2% of the initial token allocation is being sent to the 4/5 charity multisig to seed initial discretionary charity.


Long term charity vaults, pancakeswap LP, and the DXSale address will all be EXCLUDED from receiving "reflect" rewards. Since these contracts are major token holders, this means significantly more trading rewards to actual holders.

However, the dead address will be INCLUDED in rewards distribution, making TAMA permanently deflationary. Tokens will be burned with every transaction.


📌 37% BURN
📌 2% BURNED TO TIME (10yr timelock to binance.charity)
📌 3% BURNED TO TIME (25yr timelock to binance.charity)
📌 5% BURNED TO TIME (50yr timelock to binance.charity)
📌 0.25% Marketing/Discretionary
📌 0.75% dev TIMELOCKED (1 YR)
📌 1% dev TIMELOCKED (2 YR)
📌 2% to 4/5 multisig charity wallet
📌 ~49% to DXSale, remaining burnt 🔥

📍 PCS and Launch price are virtually the same:
🔥 PCS: 474000000000.0000
🔥 Presale: 475000000000.0000
🔥 1.5BNB limit to prevent whales