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TacoCat is moving to flip the entire CryptoCurrency market upside down. If you know, you know. They just got listed on CoinGecko after SIX hours, while practically every other coin has to wait weeks to achieve that. Surely this can dispel some of the fear surrounded about this coin not being serious. This is more than just your plain ordinary shitcoin!  TacoCat is aiming to become one of the most recognizable crypto currencies and brands in the entire world! 

Due to the nature of legal matters when establishing brands and businesses (a lot to do with copyright as well) the TacoCat team unfortunately cannot reveal any concrete announcement at this time due to having non disclosure agreements in place. However there are some BIG big news cooking up and everyone should tune into the Discord AMA this Friday coming! Absolutely huge news are on the way! 

TacoCat aims to become promoted by globally known celebrities and influencers who will become actual investors in the project, as opposed to being simply paid shills. The aim is to establish an actual meaningful connection between the brand and its investors, to ensure longevity and organic growth. This is not a pump and dump coin. Additionally, TacoCat is no shitcoin, as the ambitions of this project are astronomical and global. The goal is to become a billion dollar worldwide cryptocurrency business.



  • Q2 2021

Core Development



Pancakeswap Logo

Marketing (In Progress)

Coingecko Listing (In Progress)

CoinMarketCap Listing

AMA with Devs & Marketing


BogCharts listing and ads


  • Q3 2021

Taco Tuesday ZOOM Banquets

Marketing campaign for the TacoCat brand


  • Q4 2021

Get more lit than a recovering cat in Catnip Anonymous

Chuck a taco at a dog, then apologise profusely when he starts chasing us

Befriend dog

Betray dog



  • 9% Transaction fee

8% of all TacoCat transactions is put back into our Food Vault, which is locked inside of PancakeSwap LP, feeding the homeless, hitchhiking cats along the ride. 1% Returned to holders as a small way to say thank you. Auto-liquidity will ensure high and stable fuel levels.

  • Fair Launch

Every cat participates in the taco feast equally. The token was launched fairly with a maximum transaction limit to ensure that Fat Cats wont weight down the flight. Fat Cats can’t have all the tacos. 6% of the supply was distributed between the developers and the marketing wallet.

  • Locked Liquidity

50% Locked for 6 months and the other 50% locked for 12 months. The liquidity will be returned to donators after these two periods. Thank you for hopping aboard TacoCats.