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What is $SYLVIA?

- At first, it was just a name for a coin … - But we as a community wanted more, we didn't want to launch just the next random token that would sink into insignificance, but something that would really help people. So the name became mission and it started with the question: 

Who is Sylvia?

And we came to a point where we realized: We want to advocate for Sylvia. Not just any Sylvia, but for all Sylvias. Sylvia. The stand-in for women and men who have been victims of domestic violence. The personalization of women and men who need to be helped.

And $SYLVIA is the coin that supports these people and their families.

💰 By reaching the first milestone, we will make regular donations to organizations dedicated to helping fellow human beings in difficult situations.


Sylvia Coin is the coin for all. Sylvia knows the importance of helping others as well as the importance of leisure time and entertainment. Sylvia is the women's coin made for men and women. Enjoy growing your money, while fighting domestic violence and winning Nxt Lvl Products, video games, sports cards, and more.

Welcome to Sylvia, a new wave of investing.


🎯 First milestone: $100,000 market capitalization, Donation: 1% of market capitalization. This will be done with a multi-sig wallet and proof will be shown when donation is made.

We are just at the very beginning with a market cap of less than $12k, so those who join now will not only provide a better world for humans who have been victims of domestic violence, but can expect huge profits as the project picks up steam.

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