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Swiss Fund is a state-of-the-art DeFi-system that combines the Swiss Banking system with modern Blockchain technology. Our use case for our investors is clear: generate healthy and solid returns. With a proven system and smart taxing model, we reward investors and improve the system with every transaction.

The prior goal with Swiss Fund is to build a community that will be the foundation of our own investment fund. With this we will bring this DeFi project to the real world by investing in promising blockchain projects and technology startups.

Decentralised system

A peer-to-peer system based on the proven technology of the Binance Smart Chain. Fast, secure and reliable.

Borderless transactions

No institutes, no delay, no KYC, no hassle. Swiss Fund offers 100% frictionless transactions across the globe.

Compound interest

With every transaction, 3% of the coins flow back into the accounts of all holders. That means growing your holdings when holding!

Privacy guaranteed

Swiss Banking at its very best ,based on blockchain transparency, is there, and it’s privacy is secured.

 High liquidity

The liquidity pool gets 5% of each transaction, which means that the LP is getting stronger and stronger.

 Self-funding marketing

To pay for marketing activities, 2% of each transaction flows into the marketing wallet.



Token fundamentals phase 1

  • Contract development
  • Fundraise for initial liquidity
  • Website development
  • Core team formation

Token fundamentals phase 2

  • Renouncing contract ownership
  • PancakeSwap listing
  • Community formation
  • Public launch

Holder milestone 1: 500 holders

  • Whitepaper development
  • Community-based marketing contests
  • Influencer marketing
  • Bogged Finance integration

Holder milestone 2: 1,000 holders

  • VIP Club formation
  • Solidity Audit
  • Marketing upscale
  • Giveaway/airdrop

Holder milestone 3: 2,500 holders

  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko application
  • Trust Wallet integration
  • Giveaway/airdrop
  • Merchandise (shop)
  • Dev Doxxing

Holder milestone 4: 5,000 holders

  • Influencer onboarding
  • Advisory board formation
  • Giveaway/airdrop
  • Corporate partnership announcement

Holder milestone 5: 10,000 holders

  • CEX listing application
  • Giveaway/airdrop
  • New website launch + VIP Club

Holder milestone 6: 20,000 holders

  • Extreme marketing boost
  • Development of own wallet app
  • Additional audits

Holder milestone 7: 50,000 holders

  • Development of hardware wallet
  • Ultra marketing boost
  • Transfer ownership of project to community

Holder milestone 8: 100,000 holders

  • Binance listing application
  • Swiss Fund Foundation


All transactions within the Swiss Fund ecosystem are taxed at 10%. This tax is used to reward investors (3%), add tokens to the liquidity pool (5%), and fund the marketing (2%). With this setup we encourage investors to hold and are able to strengthen the liquidity pool and fund our future growth.

Over time, the project and the ecosystem grow automatically and the liquidity increases. This will make the coin more stable and fight high volatility. Thus, making you sleep well while you don’t have to worry about your investment.

10% tax on each transaction:

  • 3% staking reward
  • 5% added to the liquidity pool
  • 2% added to marketing wallet