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Sirius Bond is an utility token based on Binance Smart Chain with autostaking, burn, locked liquidity and whale free. We aim to be a friendly and powerful community that will always give more to earlier adopters.

This study of economic incentive models and token distribution within cryptocurrencies has come to be known as token economics, or, tokenomics for short. In order for a token to have any sort of value there needs to be an incentive to use or hold that token. This incentive creates demand for the token, which then dictates the token’s price.

This is also where network effects come into play. Imagine there is a new currency in the world but only a few select people have access to this currency. Is it useful? Not really. That’s because the currency only has value to those who have access to it. The more users who participate in the use of the currency, the more value the currency has. This phenomenon is known as the network effect, and it makes token distribution extremely important.


Our team working hardly to make all of this roadmap checkpoints.

2021 Q2Crowdfunding


  • Smart contract creation.

2021 Q3Community Benefits


  • Listing on CoinMarketcap, Coingecko and various marketing.
  • Bringing awesomeness to the project.

2021 Q4Tokenomics things


  • Evaluating the burn and distribution model. Creating epochs to reduce the deflation if transaction number is to high.
  • Economic model 101.

2022 Q1More Operational


  • Integration with Yield farms.
  • New services offered to holders.

Bitcoin has set the industry standard for a deflationary token model.

In this model, there is a set number of tokens to be created, with that limit never being adjusted upward. This creates a deflationary currency where even as demand increases, supply does not.

Pros: A limited supply of tokens generates natural demand as the supply dwindles. It also completely eliminates the worry of inflation which plague fiat currencies.

Cons: Some wonder if the incentive structure in a deflationary model will ultimately lead to its downfall. Because there is a limit to the number of tokens produced, users are incentivized to hoard tokens, not spend them. Without enough spending, most tokens will fall out of circulation and the token itself will become less valuable.


Tokens Offered



Soft Cap (Public ICO)



Hard Cap



Tokens Claiming

Same day after token sale ends



Token SaleMay 13 - May 15

20% Bonus1 BNB for 50000 SRSB

Token DISTRIBUTIONMay 15 ( or when HARDCAP is reached)

20% Bonus1 bnb for 50000 SRSB

PANCAKESWAP V2 LISTINGMay 15 ( or when HARDCAP is reached)

6% AUTOSTAKING Bonus1 bnb for 40000 SRSB


  • 60%Product Develoment
  • 10%Business Development
  • 30%Marketing