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SPONSEE is an iOS/Android mobile app that connects influencers with companies to create a sponsor-sponsee economy that is free of platform fees. The Sponsee app contains the FULL workflow APIs required for a sponsor to carry out influencer marketing. Features range from user discovery to negotiation, contract minting and dispute resolution. The true beauty of Sponsee is that it is catered to hosting a whole generation of microinfluencers and tik tokers, which is a community that we project to have massive gains in this next decade in terms of social platform monetization.

On top of this, the company uses blockchain integrations for in app utilities ranging from transactions to many other soon to be announced use cases. (Transactions is what everyone uses and this is just the tip of the iceberg of how $SPON will be used)

This is not only an App(That solves a whole bunch of problems with influencer monetisation). In addition it has a many unique blockchain integrations(that reduce friction and enhance the collaboration processes for users)



Early investors (seed round)4%



Community benefits6


Community treasury to nuture upcoming content creators for Sponsee based creator and small enterprise loans


Marketing & Outreach8%


Locked up pool for distribution to tik toker database for distributed stake marketing incentive model, onboarding of SMEs


Core team12%



App dev25%


Used for software engineering hires, integration of blockchain, content and contract minting, project management services


Liquidity fund15%


Locked up liquidity pool that will be used to payout token owners in for equity buybacks for Sponsee shares


Public sale5%


Listing on DEXes (Pancake swap)

Private sale25%


Pre-sale, listing on IDO/ICO platforms