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$Spinel is a Smart Contract Token built on $BNB. $Spinel will eventually be more then a Token in the near future as we establish our very own blockchain and develop our very own coin. The goal of Spinel is to create an ecosystem of technology and software development. This will begin with the release of the Spinel News Network, a technology centered news platform.

Why should I invest?

Investors in the $Spinel token will enjoy various perks and opportunities.



BNB Conversion

A 10% charge on all buy and sell orders, which is then converted to bnb and redistributed to all $Spinel Token wallet holders.


Profit Sharing

The Spinel News Network is the first project to emerge from the Spinel ecosystem. Following the launch of the network, 50% of all revenue earned by ads/clicks will be paid to $Spinel token holders via our reinvestment program.



With the launch of the Spinel exchange and blockchain, Spinel token holders will receive an air drop of Spinel Coin. The Spinel coin will then be staked automatically to generate the holder with Spinel tokens.

Road Map

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. Many well-planned events are scheduled for later next year. As soon as we complete with 2021, we’ll add these to the RoadMap!

2021 Q2Presale


  • Presale starts

2021 Q2Token release


  • Welcome to the release of $SpinelToken

2021 Q2Listings


  • Applying for listings on multiple platforms
  • Starting plans for our update app
  • Pushing for our new marketing strategy

2021 Q2Moving Forward


  • Wrapping up the hiring for our development team for our news network.
  • Starting development of our very own Online News Network

2021 Q3Resource Panel


  • Releasing the resource panel to show you your earning and future earnings.

2021 Q3News Network


  • Release of our Online News Network
  • Open beta launched to public and improving the Network

2021 Q4Social Media is our mark


  • Development on our Social Media Platform begins
  • Development of our Online News Network App for android/ios

202X QXComing Soon



202X QXComing Soon



202X QXComing Soon



202X QXComing Soon



202X QXComing Soon



Where are we at?

Spinel’s presale will start on the 25th. After which we plan to do major marketing to gain influence on the coin.




29 June 2021





30 June 2021




31 June 2021



  • Token SymbolSPN
  • Token Name$Spinel
  • Token Presale Start29 June 2021
  • Max circulating supply1,000,000,000
  • Where?Bounce.finance
  • Redistribution10%
  • Liquidity5%
  • Development8% Total Supply