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Spades Coin aims to create an ecosystem that solves and simplifies some important problems in supply chain management, considering that developing and globalizing technology affects human populations of all ages and masses, rather than explaining the complex usage areas of crypto currencies using many Blockchain technologies.

Spades Team, which uses an Etherium-based system to transfer deposits from person to person from one end to another at desired speeds and high security, has started to work to create its own chain.

It continues to work to complete the integration with many games and betting sites.

Spades, which has already distinguished its place among the most powerful coins in Ethereum, carries out strategies to maximize the satisfaction of its investors and users with the smart contract it creates.



The Spades team guarantees the security of your assets and remote contracts with its strong encryption from outside intervention on the network.



Spades Coin allows you to trade and send deposits without any credentials.


Community Control

Spades have right to cast vote/give opinion on almost every issue including and not limited to site design and projects proportional to the amount of spade they held in their coin pools.


Protecting Your Guarantees

Against the volatile cryptocurrency exchange movements that may be experienced negatively by Spades Coin broadcasts, the change regulator will create many key arguments and will ensure that their collaterals are guaranteed.



The first distribution of Spades Coin will be able to change the Spades code with Etherium and the details will be distributed by the team in a pre-sale event. After the pre-sale, the unsold part will be distributed as collateral. The supply is constant forever and there is no way to create more Spades Coins. Matters related to token burning will be evaluated by community vote.


Inflation Protection

Most of the investment instruments in which you hold your deposits are open to human manipulation and supply increases, and your money may not be worth the next day the previous day. Spades Coin protects your money against inflation with its unchangeable fixed supply and market regulatory factors and allows you to get a fixed interest with its Stake feature.