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The Core values of SnipeX

Power of the Bot

Nowadays almost every launch has bots. With a few minute of work, you can make 1000% of your investment.
 24/7 Support

The most annoying thing is when you buy something, and there is no support. We offer a 24/7 Support for every SnipeX user.No Pre-Payments.

If you want to quit using SnipeX, you can sell your tokens, and your access is revoked.

Pay for the things you need.

We only charge 5% for buying and selling SNPX, and you can use SnipeX forever.T

High Level Roadmap

December 2020

SnipeX Development

We started working on a Sniping bot first, that sniped coins without transaction fees with a higher gas fee.

February 2021


We successfully made a Sniping tool, that sniped transactions with a higher gas fee, when buying and selling.

April 2020


Mempool sniper v0.1 and automatic buy & sell function, custom slippage.

May-June 2021

Testing & Perfecting

We spent days on fixing bugs, improving speed, effectiveness, and quality of SnipeX, and with it we perfected our Mempool sniper.

June 2021

SnipeX on the Internet

We perfected SnipeX, and we decided to make it publicly available for passive income.

July 2021

SnipeX available publicly

Improving Graphical User Interface, and making SnipeX Publicly available for users.



As longs as SnipeX has users, SnipeX will be updated, and improved.



5% fee applies to buying SNPX.


No use fees

We only charge fees for buying SNPX. No fee for using any features of SnipeX, we don’t take your profits.
Transaction Fees:


Available for Token Sale:


Total Tokens:

500,000,000 SNPX



Scan & Action

SnipeX detects when a new liquidity is added to an AMM on PCS. SnipeX Front-runs with the set slippage, gas and gas price to fulfil its job by making a buy order into the exact same node that the liquidity is added to the Contract address. We support tokens that launch on any kind of Launchpad.


SnipeX Mempool scans the mempool actively, and if it finds the correct entry ( contract address ), it interacts with the Node, to send the Buy Order within the Liquidity Add block. This is achieved with High Gas fees, because the miner selects a set of high gas price transactions from the network mempool and arranges them into a block. The front-runner transaction is given higher priority.

Everything in one place

We host a private node located near the Binance Smart Chain Server to provide the ultra fast connection you will need. Your hardware & internet connection doesn’t matter. *

Results & Perfection

We have developed SnipeX for over 6 months and tested & improved it for 2 Months. During our testing time we gained over 1000 WBNB profit, and we decided to sell it for a passive income with the fee’s, as we are not hunting projects to snipe anymore. We snipe projects occasionally, but not daily anymore.