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Safenakamoto aims to be a decentralized, community driven cryptocurrency with a purpose to improve creators abilities to monetize their work with blockchain technology. People who stake 12,500 (depending on the price) will be able to vote on the platform course of action. The staking will last for one year, until the platform is fully developed, after that, and only if, all supply is reduced to the minimum (6,000,000) the staking will be funded by the fees previously destined to be burned.

Safenakamoto is a deflationary token based on burning, in each transaction 0.8% of the tokens are redirected to a multisig wallet of the Safenakamoto team. They will evaluate which are the most propitious time to burn tokens trying to avoid dumps and promoting the price increase.

  • Locked Liquidity

$SNK, in essence, is a deflationary token that aims to revolutionize the NFT environment. The project was developed to change the way people think about NFT’s by reducing the commissions typically associated with the creation and sales of NFT’s. We believe the future of art, cinematography, music and videogames, is the decentralization and fair commissions, since every time a NFT is sold the creator receives a percentage of the sale. To take away the centralized power of the so-called elites and give it back to the people.


Max Supply

  • There ate only 21.000.000 $SNK tokens.

Public Sale

  • 8.500.000 $SNK at 0.03 BUSD each.


  • Will be added to Pancakeswap LP 4.500.000 at 0.040 BUSD


  • 2.000.000 $SNK destined to exhaustive marketing at 10% monthly


  • 5.000.000 $SNK will be destined to staking pool.


  • 1.000.000 $SNK


  • There will be a burning of up to 15,000,000 $SNK.