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The Shiba Lotterie team consists of experienced developers, marketers and shillers. Our goal is to build an active community and sustained interst in the project via a network of influencers and paid ads. These continued marketing efforts are made possible by the built-in 3% marketing tax on all transactions. We encourage feedback and involvement from the community on how best to spend the marketing wallet with the goal of continuous growth and improvement of the project.

The concept of Shiba Lottery is very simple. By simply holding Shiba Lotterie, you already eligible for not only one, but 2 lottery prizes!

PHASE 1 (Q3,2021)

– Initial Launch
– Initial Advertising
– Website Launch
– Initial Telegram bot

PHASE 2 (Q4,2021)

Website improvements
– Start Airdrop
– CoinGecko Listing
– CoinMarketCap
– Listing Stocktwits 
– Listing Blockfolio 

PHASE 3 (Q1,2022)

– Coin Audit
– Further advertising 
– Extend Lotterie functions

Phase 4 (Q2,2022)

Blockchain Gaming


5% Token Lotterie

5% of every transaction goes to the token lotterie pot. Every 50 transactions, the pool is sent to a lucky address as long as its holding 0.2% of the value of the pool.
5% BNB Lotterie

5% of every transaction goes to a central BNB lotterie pool. Every day a winner will be drawn randomly and will be airdropped the BNB prize automatically!
3% Marketing Wallet

3% of every transaction goes into our marketing wallet, which we will use for continued marketing and growth of Shiba Lotterie.

Shiba Lotterie offers TWO ways to be rewarded!

Our token lotterie takes place every 50 transactions. A winner will receive a prize of Shiba Lotterie tokens from the jackpot pool. The jackpot pool is created from transaction taxes and the token prize is rewarded automatically to the lucky winner’s wallet.

Our BNB lotterie takes place once per day and is announced via Telegram. A winner will receive a prize of BNB from the BNB jackpot pool. The BNB jackpot pool is created from transaction taxes and the BNB prize is airdropped to the lucky winner’s wallet.