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Our system will provide some great and helpful features. We want to use the principle of the "blockchain" to do many things. With an easy-to-use app and website, this should also be suitable for people who do not know much about the concept of "blockchain".

We are concerned with the solution to this problem. Our idea is to build a network that will advance everyone equally and not disadvantage anyone. This system will revolutionize everything. We want to stand out from the rest of the market. These demand absurdly high fees. Ours will be so low that it will be easier for many to be there and deal with it. The solution for this is constant optimization of processes and the establishment of a social enterprise with steady growth. Our team will be available on many social media channels for queries, tips, ideas, news and the exchange of information. Many are cautious about the crypto industry. We want to make it easier for the new one to get started and make it as comfortable as possible. Our idea is to let the project grow steadily and thus increase the scope of activities in the network. The token is based on the proof of stake algorithm: Proof of Stake describes a process with which a blockchain network reaches a consensus on which participant is allowed to generate the next block. A weighted random selection is used, whereby the weights of the individual participants are determined from the duration of participation and / or their ability (the “stake”). In contrast to the Proof of Work used by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Proof of Stake manages without time and energy-intensive mining and it is not possible to take over the network by owning computing power alone ("51% attack"). The so-called nothing-at-stake problem represents a fundamental difficulty of the proof-of-stake method. This means that in the case of several competing branches of a blockchain, the producers of blocks have the incentive to create blocks on all of these branches , since this parallel creation does not represent a significant additional effort, unlike the proof-of-work. If a large number of stakeholders act in this way, there can be no consensus on the “correct” branch. One of the possibilities to counter the nothing-at-stake problem would be to sanction parallel generations.

Q1 2021 

– The idea is born
– Investigating in blockchain

Q2 2021

– Launching the project at Binance Smartchain
– Listing on Pancakeswap without presale
– Listing on Coingecko
– Listing on Coinmarketcap
– Further development of the website
– Smart Contract Audit


Q3 2021

– Testing the process for security vulnerabilities
– Optimizing the processes
– Listing on more exchanges
– Community growing

Q4 2021

– Tests for Beta Version
– Introducing and launching App
– Listing on more big exchanges
– Implementation of community ideas


Q1-Q4 2022

– Launching the own Software
– Optimizing and Expanding


Thanks to the Binance Smartchain platform you are always in safe hands and benefit. We create 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, which will be tradable on exchanges ... In addition, these will be usable in our app. These will be distributed in different actions. We have designed our fee structure in such a way that every participant is rewarded and we still keep this amount low. The survival of the project is paramount. Neither party is overly favored or disadvantaged. The participants, the newcomers, the liquidity pool, the developers and the supporters get equally rewards. The same proportion is also burned in order not to temporarily increase the amount in circulation but to reduce it. This will have a deflationary and value-adding effect: There will be a 6% deduction on every transaction. - You see, its much less than other projects. The fees will be distributed: 2% burn, 2% reflect on all holders, 2% liquidity pool, 10% from total supply will be hold and use for supporters-, marketers- and developers. At launch 80% of the tokens will be send to Pancake liquidity. 10% hold and use by developer team for development and marketing. 10% will be send to early major investors

Pancakeswap 80% Developerteam 10% Early investors 10%