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ShopSwap is a yield farming ecosystem running on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Our protocol is built on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) forked from PancakeSwap that allows users to farm, stake, trade, and use $SHOP tokens across ShopSwap Checkout supported e-commerce marketplaces. The team behind ShopSwap has been involved in the E-Commerce and Blockchain scene for almost a decade. ShopSwap was created to inaugurate Yield Farming and ShopSwap Checkout altogether. Trade Instantly swap ShopSwap tokens, no registration or account required. Earn Earn ShopSwap tokens for free with super high interest rates. Shop Shop at ShopSwap checkout supported e-commerce websites.

ShopSwap’s Security The list of features we’ve added to our platform has taken a lot of thinking and man-hours. Making a lot of money in 24 hours and fleeing with it could be enjoyable, but it would just do more harm in a community that already struggles to find honesty. So far, everything we’ve done has been predicated on a long-term possibility and proposal. People will ultimately hear our voice and support our community and objective of changing the DeFi space if we put the effort and time into developing the safest platform on the Binance Smart Chain.


$SHOP is the token that powers the ShopSwap ecosystem. Context Chain Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) Token Name ShopSwap Symbol SHOP Contract Address 0xdF0F90dcfDD84c0ddA7AC2bDae0Db80FC4D34Ed8 Initial Supply 10,000 Distribution Supply Unlimited Token / Block 0.1 Earn $SHOP from ShopFarms and ShopStakes, win it in ShopLottery, or buy it on the exchange. Then explore its use cases: ● Use it in ShopFarms to earn more $SHOP. ● Stake it in ShopStakes to earn free tokens. ● Buy lottery tickets in ShopLottery to try your luck. ● Buy collectibles NFTs (ERC721) in ShopNFT for your collection.

Deflation & Fees Deposit Fees: 5% on non-native farm pairs, 0% on pairs with $SHOP token. Two third (⅔) of the fees will be used to buy back and burn $SHOP tokens. A third (⅓) will go to the development team. Treasury Wallet: 5% of the emission rate is sent to the treasury address, which is used to pay for advertising, partnerships, and other expenditures to help boost our ecosystem.