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Shield Network is an upcoming project created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), aspiring to create a safer cryptocurrency market for everyone. The project token ($SHILD) is a deflationary currency with a 2% tax on every transaction – 1% is removed or “burned” from supply and 1% is redistributed amongst current holders. As with all deflationary tokens, the Shield Network token can only increase in rarity. Perhaps even rarer, the Shield Network has a central goal that extends past creating a token just like the rest.

Shield Network strives to become the principal token-auditing platform in which every token is meticulously and methodically audited to expose scam projects, guarantee safety to investors, and instill confidence in the market as a whole.


Auto Burn – 1% of Shield tokens in each transaction are “burned” or removed from circulating supply forever.

Frictionless Staking – 1% of Shield Tokens in each transaction are redistributed amongst holders.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) – Every trade automatically contributes toward generating liquidity locked inside the Pancake Swap LP.

Tokenomic Breakdown:

Total Supply = 1 Trillion

Burned on Minting = 33%

DxLocked = 47%

Presale Tokens = 20%

80% of the presale supply will be added to the liquidity pool and locked by DxSale for 5 years.

20% of the presale supply will be used for marketing and expansion.