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Why ShibaSurge?

The Shiba master race takes its offspring from the Ethereum Network. We wish to revolutionize this on Binance Smart Chain – just better. We’re offering Charity! Along the way to a distant galaxy, we’ll be rescuing homeless dogs, that need a helping hand. We’ll refrain from the large charitable organizations where the money is not well spent, instead, we’ll be donating solely to local small shelters.

ShibaSurge is our project’s mascot for this cause; however, our goal is not limited to the Inu dog race. We’ll be listening to the community, and whichever reasonable dog shelter, that the community decides upon, we’ll donate to. With the renounced ownership and locked liquidity, we’ll therefore be giving full control of the project to the community, emphasizing a community-powered project.




There's only one way to the moon





Website Launch – Completed











14-Days Marketing Campaign – Completed





CoinHunt & CoinSniper Listing – Under Review







Community Contest – In Progress





First Charitable Donation – In Progress







Paid Audit – In Progress





Coingecko – In Progress







Coinmarketcap – In Progress





Matic Integration – In Progress







Ethereum Integration – In Progress





Charitable Partnerships – TBA







Ethereum Integration – In Progress

Scalable Automatic Liquidity Pools

With our custom-built scalable auto LP injection, you can relax and chill with ShibaSurge. Let her steer the rocket for you




Transaction taxes are collected and converted into BUSD. Holders earn BUSD automatically! Minimum 10,000 tokens need to be held



Cross-Chain integration

Crypto moves fast. We’re moving with it. Our engineers are prepared and ready to take ShibaSurge cross-chain, cross-planet, and cross-galaxy


Tokenomics $SHIBASURGE


100 Billion total supply.




95% of the tokens allocated for the fair launch supply




No presale




5% of tokens allocated for marketing , fueling the rocket


The smart contract of ShibaSurge is designed with a hard cap of 100 Billion tokens – $SHIBASURGE. 




Auto Yield-Farming

Enjoy rewards and interest for doing nothing but holding your tokens. Passive income – not bad, eh?




Scalable LP Injection

Autonomous LP Injection for every transaction conducted. A continuously ever-growing price floor for ShibaSurge.




Transaction Limits

Whales do not belong in space. They belong in the oceans. For this reason, we are developing Anti-Whale Tokenomics that limits the amount a user can trade in a single transaction.




Cross Chain Integration

ShibaSurge is constantly looking for more adoption, which is why we’re looking to expand to various future-proof chains, as they become available.





Let’s the team upgrade the protocol as required, but keeps your investment safe from malicious actors.