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A digital asset made for anyone anywhere, building the future of blockchain and DeFi, powering innovative & accessible platforms!

Shard is a global, decentralized and open-source interoperable project accessible to anyone on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. Providing everyone the opportunity to benefit from blockchain technology, focusing on building the future and improving digital asset accessibility, decentralization and interoperability. Shard is at the core of an innovative ecosystem with a wide range of utility and benefits for all holders, in advanced decentralized financial platforms and protocols. 

Decentralizing the future

The decentralized blockchain project that is decentralizing, revolutionizing and building the future of blockchain, while creating new ways to make global adoption easier than ever.

Strong innovative ecosystem

Shard is used to power an ecosystem of rich interconnected platforms & protocols, bringing many benefits, features, burns and use cases to Shard.

Open development & participation

An open source project allowing users from around the globe to participate in governing the Shard ecosystem and take part in its development.

Shard Use Cases

Shard is a unique coin goverened by the community and used to govern the Infinity Protocol, it is also the native coin across a range of innovative platforms and protocols, providing a wide range of features, governance, benefits, burns and use cases.

The Infinity Protocol & Platforms within the ecosystem have unique protocols for burning Shard, benefiting all Shard holders through providing many use cases and reducing coin supply.


Shard is about to launch its Infinity Protocol and Infinity Crypto platform which are 2 of the most advanced platforms and protocols in the crypto space delivered by a team that has worked on their technology for over 2 years with many other platforms to be part of this giant DeFi ecosystem bringing some big stuff also they are a fully self funded team with some of the biggest projects in this space.


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