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The SAM Protocol Solution SAM Protocol is a community run project that will launch a utility token aimed to train the SAM A.I. to become fully autonomous in order to adopt and sustain monkey charity adoptions. Every one of his charity adoptions will become documented and followed up on on SAM’s own personal website. A full backend solution will be implemented for SAM to appear fully autonomous, managing his own assets of SAMP tokens and BNB counterparts to place purchase orders for monkey charity adoption. SAM’s backend will also include a machine learning conversational A.I. so that SAM will start learning to communicate via social channels such as Twitter, Telegram along with his own personal homepage. SAMP will also introduce SNAP - The Social Network for Adopted Primates. This mock network is going to be a fully interactive database presented in a very familiar social network like design. All SAMS adopted monkeys will have their profile and will share and communicate on a simple bot level with each other. Making SNAPs feed unique every time you come for a visit. SAMs backend will come with his own SAM Api allowing many development channels to interact with SAM and guide his steps to becoming the best monkey he can be. To further increase SAMS liquidity, he will then learn to accept promotional content via his own smart contract and API and SAM will rent out marketing space in his social channels. As his reach and following increases, the value of his “influencer” status will increase and SAM will then use his earnings to invest into SAMP as well as further charity partnerships. Ultimately SAM will become a fully autonomous personality, with his custom backend handling his personal SAMP wallet, social media content creation, booking of marketing spots and payment processing. An autonomous Sam is necessary for the long term sustainability of the SAMP system. In 2 years, we plan to have it so that Sam is adopting monkeys to sanctuaries daily with no hiccups. © Copyright 2021 - All rights reserved SAMProtocol WhiteAper v1.0 Page 2/5 SAMP Generational Inheritance As SAM grows, learns, matures and becomes autonomous, SAMP will become a platform for the launch of other autonomous entities of similar nature. Those will all be connected to the same neural network but will develop their own identities, their own sense of purpose and will provide solutions to different issues than SAM. All those offspring of SAMP will launch with their own white labelled parallel instance of the SAM API, the SAM Mobile Apps etc... Charity Aspect While SAM is on its steps to maturity the SAMP community is prepared to make bigger impacts. This includes working with different communities worldwide, sanctuaries, and governments. A main goal at SAMP is to work with sanctuaries, but another longer term goal will be to partner with different governments in order to reduce the amount of poaching going on worldwide. In order to maintain this, the team will strive to work worldwide with countries hit hardest by poaching. Funding remains a major challenge for monkey related charities and sanctuaries around the world. To this day, many monkeys are being tested on in labs for skincare and food products. If monkeys are to escape this hazard, sanctuaries have to be willing partners in the process. To strengthen the relevant partners involved in the monkey business, SAM Protocol has created a Charity wallet specially for sanctuaries chosen and voted on by the community. 1% of $SAMP supply has been deposited in the charity wallet, which should suffice for the support of sanctuaries around the globe. Partnership with Sanctuaries SAMProtocol will be partnering with sanctuaries, offering support where needed. SAM will be training and offering support to ambassadors in order to perform outreach with sanctuaries to teach them how to receive cryptocurrency and practice good security with it. Without these goals, SAM would be skipping a vital step of the charity aspect. In doing this, SAM enables the system it is building to be even more autonomous in the long run. 



There is a 2% redistribution fee to token holders on every transaction; buy, sell, or transfer. There is a 6% buyback and burn function. There is a 3% function in the contract that goes into the marketing and charity wallet. From here, 2% goes towards marketing and 1% goes towards charity. SAM Protocol is a Bep20 token, adhering to the Binance Smart Chain standard. $SAMP exceeds the competition due to the strong tokenomics and hard working developers and community. Please never attempt to purchase SAMP on Uniswap.