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$SAMA is a deflationary, community-powered charitable organization, that also offers a yield generating protocol This is accomplished by charging a 10% tax on all transactions, from which 3% are redistributed to existing holders, 2% is added to the charity wallet, 1% to the marketing wallet and 5% to the liquidity pool, creating price support and stability.

What is the utility of $SAMA?

Philanthropy is for the public good, focusing on quality of life. We – the community - wish to make a difference where it really counts by donating to local small charitable organizations, where bureaucracy doesn’t consume most resources. Whether it be for animal shelters, the ongoing global pandemic crisis, planet earth or an entirely different matter that could use a helping hand, we do not limit ourselves to a specific cause. With the Weighted Voting Function, we will involve the community for the desired charitable organizations, from which the Samaritans altogether will make a difference!

$SAMA’s charity wallet is designed as such, that each % transaction fee is immediately liquidated to BNB, refraining from any sudden dumps by selling out from the charity wallet. The wallet will be locked for 2 weeks at a time. Once unlocked, the profits in BNB will be donated to a desired organization determined by the community.

$AKITA on BSC. However, an error in the smart contract was discovered, which meant there was an insufficient amount going to the liquidity pool, and as a consequence of this we were forced to halt all trades for the future success of the project. To avoid repeating the same mistake, we have paid for an audit to ensure the smart contract is in order.

Following this, all holders from $AKITA will be airdropped their respective tokens in $SAMA, and we will match the amount of liquidity to ensure that the closing price at the announcement time is equal to the liquidity supplied. We have used this as an opportunity instead of a failure, allowing for more reflection, preparation, and coercing us to rebrand and rethink our cause and dreams.

Now, the team consists of five members, that being two different groups, that have entered into a cooperation to further complement each other’s skillsets. On this account, the team now possesses a wide range of skill sets capable of developing, marketing and branding to further nourish the vision of Samari.

Three members have identified themselves, with personal information and pictures widely available, and are working full time on this project. The remaining two members are not dismissive of this but are currently reluctant due to work and legal conflict of interests.



Total Supply: 1,200,000,000,000 $SAMA

10% Tax

· 5% to the liquidity pool

· 2% redistribution to existing holders

· 2% to the charity wallet

· 1% to the marketing wallet

Gradual burns: 5%, 1% per milestone reached

Team: 20% (Locked)

PancakeSwap LP: 75%

⚖ Anti-Whale Tokenomics:

To combat bots on release, we have implemented Anti-Whale Tokenomics, that consist of:

· 1% Total Supply Max Sell per 3 hours