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They say the house always wins, introducing RoyalFlush. The Decentralized Casino built on the classic and traditional 52 Card Deck.

RoyalFlush stands as a end all be all of all shit coins and is here to dominate the market

Royal Flush is intended to become an Online Decentralized Casino that is exclusive to RoyalFlush holders with over 1 BILLION RoyalFlush. The main intended currency will be RoyalFlush instead of traditional currency.

​There will be games like blackjack, poker (The Classic card games + more available at the dApp launch). ​It will be an anonymous site. No data like names or addresses will be required to use the game you would just need to connect your RoyalFlush wallet.

​For every game that takes place on Royal Flush there will be a mini liquidity pool on deposit and withdrawal for players and winners of the game. and winnings will be taken out as RoyalFlush tokens.

RoyalFlush is a decentralized casino that is not made for house profits, but solely for functionality.

This means that with RoyalFlush the house doesn't have the advantage

RoyalFlush uses deflationary frictionless yield farming protocol where there is a 10% fee on every transaction. 5% of the fee is redistributed to reward all holders and the other 5% is sent to liquidity.


✅10% Transaction fee

✅5% Distributed to holders

✅5% Added to liquidity

✅75% Burned from the total supply 🔥 🔥

✅Holders accumulate extra tokens overtime

There will be 52 airdrops from the airdrop wallet spread out over time as Royal Flush reaches new heights and milestones.