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In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the battle at the end of the world. For us, Ragnarok is the end of scam tokens and rugpulls

The original contract of Ragnarok (let's call this v1) had an issue with the liquidity function. Because of this, the project had to be migrated to a new contract (we'll call this v2). The thing is, by the time the team was ready for the migration to v2, BSC was having major network congestion issues, so after some discussion, it was decided among the community that the project would re-launch first and then have the airdrop whenever BSC seemed to be functioning better. That's why, the price almost immediately mooned to about 13 to 14 million marketcap as there was very little selling pressure.

But the next day when the air drop was done, the selling pressure came almost immediately at once, and many people began to dump because they never expected to reach such a high market cap so quickly. Panic selling followed, and the prices crashed temporarily. It was on its way back up to recovering, when the whole crypto market began to tumble because of bitcoin. The last few days of panic and chaos again put some severe downward pressure on the price. But thankfully, sanity seems to be returning to the markets, and Ragnarok's price is also slowly picking up pace to return to more normal times.

All this being said, I would like to tell you that this is a legit project (audited by tech rate) which is building a data visualization platform which will not only accurately show you graphs and technical indicators, but also have widgets to look at suspicious transactions and raise possible red flags about a contract.

In a sense, the Ragnarok project is looking to capture the markets of both Poocoin and Rugscreen/Tokensniffer. To any reasonable person, it would be obvious that the market cap of a coin which can successfully do that would be much much higher than a measly 1.8 million (which is the present market cap of Ragnarok $ROK). Of course, do your own research and don't take this as financial advice, but definitely check out the AMAs (on Telegram) and the website to know more about the project.


8% Auto-liquidity per transaction


2% Reflection per transaction


100% Community owned