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. I’m just joining into coins that are completely safe to invest in and have a potentially high return rate to it. Today I’ve found TargetToken which seems like quite a good investment, it does look really safe to put into - no large wallets or few wallets holding a large sum and also liquidity is burned and ownership is renounced, what more can you ask for? These coins usually smash a 100k Marketcap in the first day.These two points in itself are a really good reason as to why you should buy into this coin, it is pretty much a risk free investment if you catch it under 50k Marketcap as these coins can fly past that in minutes. Me personally I buy in under $10k market cap - which is what I’ve done here so that my minimum returns will be of 10x from here as this project easily has the potential to reach a $100k Marketcap especially with a developer as dedicated as the one on this project and a great community of holders behind him!

Anyways, enough of the jibber jabber from me, here are some links you guys may find useful:


🔥 Burned Liquidity Proof:

🔖 Renounced Contract Proof:

Liquidity is all burned [This is same/equivalent to the liquidity being locked forever, if anything it’s better]

The ownership is renounced [The developer has no control over the coin, the only control he has is the on the advertisement - he cannot make any change to the contract or even touch the liquidity]