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Rainicorn is a deflationary NFT farming token that provides stakers with exclusive NFT drops from both well-known, and highly talented emerging artists. We have two staking pools, one where you can stake $RAINI to earn Rainbows, and another where you can stake RAINI/ETH (on Ethereum) or RAINI/BNB (on Binance Smart Chain) to earn Unicorns. Unicorns will be valued higher than Rainbows to compensate for impermanent loss.

You will then be able to use these points to claim NFTs from our forthcoming drops. These NFTs can be "levelled up" to Gold or Chroma editions through a gamified system, and Gold and Chroma editions can be staked in earning pools which will pay out $RAINI. For more on this levelling system, see our Medium article here.

Outside of this core platform offering, we are also building a Trading Card Game, Mediumhere, set within the Raini universe. This game will leverage our Trading Cards, especially those exclusively available with Unicorns and Rainbows via our NFT drops.

We are also building an IDO Launchpad which you can read more about here.

On the environmental front, there is no question that NFTs have received flak for the emissions associated with transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. We are therefore committing to offsetting all carbon output with monthly donations to Greening Australia — a non-government organisation founded in 1982 with a strong history in reforestation and habitat repair. Their services are sorely needed after a terrible year in 2020 for Australia with rampant bushfires destroying much of the East Coast's bushland.

Please see our Medium for more detail about our plans.



Only 1 billion $RAINI tokens will ever be minted. 500 million $RAINI were burned after initial contract creation, and currently half of all team tokens are locked. You can read our contract and token audit here (conducted by Solidity Finance, an independent 3rd-party auditor). Solidity also conducted KYC on the founders.

A portion of all revenue on the Raini platform will be utilised to regularly buy-back and burn tokens. This should put upwards pressure on the price of the $RAINI token, as the supply will continuously decrease, and periodic demand will be maintained by this measure.

  • Total supply = 1 billion tokens
  • Initial burn = 500 million tokens
  • Locked tokens = 49,034,950
  • Circulating token supply = 450,965,050