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Quantum Works was founded in 2021 when Fraser Gordon saw a unique opportunity and a gap in the global market place for a AAA gaming title and studio, where fairness and customer satisfaction lead the way, but, with one key twist. 

Quantum Works is funded solely from its own cryptocurrency token, a BEP20 token utilising a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. This cryptocurrency is the money which will drive the economy in Quantum Works first AAA title to be published, Project Quantum (working title), and future titles to come.

We are looking to accumulate the greatest talent out there when it comes to games development, in order to craft and deliver original, enjoyable and authentic experiences for gamers worldwide. We are looking to expand our team, from trainees fresh out of university or individuals with a strong portfolio, right the way to experienced industry veterans who can push and inspire us to make the best products we can.

We always want to hold to our core values, to deliver experiences that are not just fun and challenging, but with fairness and the community at it’s heart.

If this sounds like you and you want to join us please send your CV, covering email and and links to your work to:

AAA Gaming – Powered by Crypto – Built in Unreal 5
Project Quantum is taking AAA gaming into the 21st Century, with our unique IP powered by Unreal 5, with cryptocurrency at the core of the economy. Our unique model allows players to enjoy instanced open world exploration, intense high stakes PVP and PVE combat, unrivalled character customisation, all while being able to earn and win while they play.

Q2 2021

– Deploy and launch private and presale for Project Quantum.

– Within 24hrs launch on PancakeSwap for public trading.

– Continued development of documentation for game mechanics, design and economy – GDD (game design document), TDD (technical design document) and VSG (visual style guide). 

– Begin hiring & expanding senior team for Quantum Studios. If you are interested in working on the project please click here (take to join the team section).

– Begin producing concept art to guide development and share our vision with the community

– Blockfolio listing.

Q3 2021

– Pre production for title starts.  

– Listing on Whitebit and Bitmart cryptocurrency exchanges.

– Adoption of Project Quantum token on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

– Continued hiring of core and junior staff for Quantum Studios.

– Focus on prototyping core mechanics and worldbuilding

– Increased marketing activity for coin adoption. 

Q4 2021

– Continued game programming and development. 

– Consolidate prototypes and begin production in full

– Listing of Project Quantum token on other major exchanges. 



Token Name : Project Quantum

Token Ticker : QBIT

Token Type : BEP-20

Amount Minted : 1,000,000,000,000 ( One Trillion)

Decimal Points : 2

ain Development Wallet : This wallet would receive the 20% of the presale funds, giving the company the first tranche of development funding. This will subsequently receive 3.5% of the 24HR daily trade volume through the taxation built into the smart contract. This provides the bulk of the development funds and also supports the game in the future with it being an ever evolving live service title.

Equity Wallets : 100 Billion (10%) (6 wallets) totalling 100 Billion. Liquidity locked 2 years. Totalling 10%. Held by the 6 core members of the development team and the contract creator. These will be locked on UniCrypt (external provider).

Investment Wallet : 200 Billion (20%) – The purpose of this wallet is to allow for external investment to buy into the project at any time. This wallet is reserved for investment by fin-tech companies or companies in the game development space. This wallet is locked to 3 company directors and held on a Genosis Safe (external provider).

Burn / Airdrop Wallet : 120 Billion (12%) – This wallet will be used to do deflationary burns of the coin when we hit milestones or to reward early adopters of the token with AirDrops, boosting their holdings of the token. This amount of tokens will also be held in a Gnesosis Safe (external provider), locked to 3 company director signatories.