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$PRINTR is a money printer, in all ways you can imagine

Printing money has always been a meme, until 24 hours ago when $PRINTR launched. Through their spiffy cool dapp, you can literally print any BSC asset you can think of! Or keep you passive rewards in BUSD, that’s cool too!

So this is how it works: you buy $PRINTR and hold it. As you hold it, and while it is being bought, sold, and traded by everyone else, your rewards are constantly stacking up! You can check this money printing (BRRRR) event through the web app! By default, you are earning BUSD rewards (displayed as BNB values in the web app), but by inputting the contract address of ANY BSC ASSET, I repeat: ANY ASSET, you can farm those instead!



PRINTR is all about gaining.
But that’s not enough, right? Let us explain you how does it work.

The earlier you buy PRINTR and the larger your allocation is, the more you will have the opportunity to gain. Without selling. This is possible thanks to our farming protocol, that let you accumulate dividends and withdraw them whenever you want.
Pretty awesome, right?

Well, there’s another surprise: you can actually farm whatever you want. Our community can decide which token to farm directly in our dapp. Long story short: you decide your farming pool. Do you want to receive ADA? Or maybe you believe WETH is a better choice? Just decide it on our webapp and retrieve the token you believe in!

Max Supply: 100.000.000

20% slippage (will be reduced after a while): 

0.6% Burned
4% Liquidity
15,4% Farming Reserve

Max Tx: 1% (1.000.000 tokens) (will be relaxed after a while)

2 Seconds Cooldown between tx to avoid bots

Trading enabled manually at launch to avoid snipers