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🚀🏴‍☠️PirateBSC🏴‍🚀 Welcome to the new contract that allows you to play the lottery and win some tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. (Pancake Swap v2)

🎰 Play Casino on the Bsc 🎯 Get 1 on 8 chances to win Double 🏴‍☠️ Strong and active community! True Pirate. 🌐 dApp dropping soon… 🔥 Big Marketing Plan, big listings


💎Try to win double💎 Join the community and hit the very first lottery token before it goes wild!!!! 🔥 An ambitious project with high interest dropped today! The PirateBSC gives you the opportunity to get your initial bet doubled. As soon as you buy some tokens you have 1 on 8 chances to win x2. So don't miss it and get your fair ticket to win the lottery.

💎Let your money grow by holding💎 Being a true pirate while holding the PirateBSC token gives you money!!!! 💸 Every holder gets some contributions from every seller. It means that the more you hold it the more money you bring to your wallet.

🚀Big Marketing Plan🚀 More than a big marketing plan is on the way. The listing on coinhunt, poocoin, reddit-cryptomoonshots and twitter is essential for bringing the first strong community. Then, we will hit the home page of many websites by investing high.


3% Casino Wallet

3% Liquidity

2% Dispatch to Holders

2% Burn