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PinkElon - A new level in obtaining value . Auto-lock your lp and get access to passive value. Gain more rewards from your investments. Join us and let’s take this rocket to the moon. This is the first IDO of the PinkMoon coin and will be listed on PinkSwap in the near future!


Inspired by Elon Musk, at beginning 10% of total supply will be sent to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD. 45% of total supply will be locked 3 years at launch with Unicrypt.


100% Community Owned 90% of supply will be listed on the market. 10% of total supply for team tokens will be burn before listing. The community has to fight and support to save the project.

Hold and Earn You just need to hold and earn passive rewards from PinkElon. 2% of each transaction will be distributed among all diamond hands holders.

Auto Lock LP 8% of every transaction is locked away into PancakeSwap’s liquidity pool to create a steadily rising price floor, it means we will have more lp for PinkElon.

LP Locked on Unicrypt The Liquidity of PinkElon (45% of total supply) will be locked at launch with Unicrypt. The contract owner is renounced, leaving the contract trustless for the community.

100% Community Driven By community and for community, Pinkelon is community led and managed by volunteers. PinkElon holders will receive more and more power to steer the project.