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Decentralized Launchpad

We've identified the key issues serious projects are facing at launch due to the increasing number of scam tokens: trust, reach and funds. PathFund aims to be a trusted launchpad which also sponsors the projects it launches with funds for marketing campaigns. Projects would be verified and audited thoroughly in order to ensure buyer's safety. Once a project passes all the verifications it would then get launched and receive funds from PathFund to ensure steady growth.

Milestones of the
Project Development

The origin of the idea.
Start the development of the project.

April, 2021

Development of business concept.

April, 2021

Website and social media accounts.

May, 2021

Pre-sale launch
Listings on PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio.

May, 2021

Development for PathLaunch concept.
Interviews for PathLaunch projects.

Q3, 2021

Platform release.
Launch projects through PathLaunch. Sponsor marketing campaigns for PathLaunch projects.

Q4, 2021



April, 2021

Team assembly.

May, 2021

Community building. Marketing campaigns.

May, 2021

Preparing for the ICO.

June 2021

Improving the marketing system.
Hiring extra developers for the platform.
Establish partnerships with projects.

Q3, 2021

Establish connections with marketing agencies and partnerships with other projects.


Platform Partners


Techrate is an analytical and engineering agency focused on blockchain technology solutions and audits. The partnership between PathFund and Techrate has been publicly announced here.


SolidProof specialized in auditing smart contracts and can find vulnerabilities in your blockchain project using manual and automated tests. The partnership between PathFund and SolidProof has been publicly announced here.

What's PathFund all about?

We have created an innovative, fully protected platform for the purchase and sale of tokens.

Why is PathFund raising money in an ICO?

Our goal is to raise a large and strong audience from the start. Most of the investments received will be spent on marketing, improvement and development of additional features for our platform. 30% of total supply will be allocated for presale, 85% of this will go towards liquidity and the rest of 15% will support the initial marketing campaigns.

What is the PathFund potential?

PathFund will never face the struggles of today's launched tokens in finding funds for marketing campaigns thus ensuring a steady growth.


How PathFund works?

3% of each transaction done will be redirected towards a wallet to be later used for sponsoring projects launched through our launchpad and PathFund itself.
3% of each transaction done will be automatically added to Liquidity Pool.
3% of each transaction done will be split amongst the holders.


Due to PathFund's smart contract functions, the project will never face struggles in finding funds for investing in large marketing campaigns to support its mission or to sponsor the projects it will help launch securely.



PathFund Token


Total Issue


1,000,000,000,000,000 PATH

Constant growth
in value PATH Token


Due to its deflationary nature, PathFund's value will constantly increase on every transaction.

Full protection
against scammers


Future projects safety guaranteed due to pre-auditing, KYC verifications and evaluation of tokenomics.



PathFund's marketing wallet will be used to increase awareness regarding the project and to support projects launched through its launchpad.

Earn by


3% of each transaction done will be redistributed to current holders.

Liquidity locked
for 1 year


PathFund has locked its liquidity pool to establish a trusted ecosystem. Liquidity is locked for 1 year through DXLock, after this period the LP will be locked again for 10 years through our platform.



PathFund token holders will be the first to know about incoming projects and have exclusivity to presales.

10 years through our platform.




PathFund token holders will be the first to know about incoming projects and have exclusivity to presales.

Distribution of released tokens



Presale allocation






Project development


Partners & consultants