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About Us


Cash-Out is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that enables cryptocurrency financial products. It’s the founding company that develops Cash-Out Wallet.

Our Mission


We're on a mission to become frictionless to make the entire user experience of the ecosystem as simple as possible. Building tools so that a user does not have to leave a platform is a key mission. We will be launching products to complement all the needs within the cryptocurrency markets.


The Cash-Out Token (OUT) is the fuel and native cryptocurrency of the OUT ecosystem of products and services. The token economics have been designed where the total supply decreases over time the network is utilized.


We are here to guarantee equal access to every crypto user in the world. Hence why, our Tokeonomics are completely in benefit of the community: Total Supply 200,000,000 $OUT.


Tokens to be released to the public through presale 80.40% (160,800,000 OUT). Liquidity will be locked up to 2099 in the Presale launching platform. Early Birds will be benefitted with great discount at collaborating with the project

  • 7% (14,000,000 OUT)

The OUT Team allocation is to provide the company with funds to use to actively operate its product line. These funds are released 6 months after launch, and are locked in DxSale app. Link to locked tokens:
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  • Founders and Advisors 4.65% (9,300,000 OUT)

Allocation is designed to compensate the founders and advisors of the project for work performed on the protocols. These funds are released 10 month after launch, and are locked in DxSale app. Link to locked tokens:
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  • Airdrop roughly 3% (5,298,000 OUT)

As part of the OUT marketing strategies, we’ll be giving away 2.65% to the people that comply with our Airdrop requirements.

  • Ecosystem Reserves 5.3% (10,602,000 OUT)

Are established to incentivize the network and its participants with rewards and promotions throughout its inception and onwards. This includes development bonuses awarded to partners and the community contributing to Cash-Out and other decentralized products in the future. Ecosystem reserves are provided to continuously grow the platform and its users through various channels, partnerships, grants, and investments. These tokens are locked and released 12 months after Launch. Link to locked tokens:
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