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NYAN SHIB is a project built out of the love of crypto. We want the community to succeed and grow together. We are a team dedicated to building a coin that we can use to help all our friends, family and community grow to obtain their dreams.
Dreams combine.

Nyan Shib ($NYANSHIB) is a token for the community. We are  community-focused, decentralized and provide instant rewards for holders. Let’s moon together.

Community Powered

NYANSHIB is fully decentralized and owned by the awesome community. We want to build this journey together. Let’s grow together. Join Nyanshib!


Instant Rewards

NYANSHIB wants to reward the hodlers! So every transaction, buy or sell, is distributed to existing hodlers! That means you earn more $NYANSHIB just for having it in your wallet with your diamond hands! 


Secure & Safe

NYANSHIB has been audited by a third-party firm to give our holders confidence. Link can be found here. 

PHASE 1: LAUNCH • 1,000 Holders • Website Launch • CoinGecko Listing • 2,000 Telegram Members • Community Marketing Fund • Marketing Campaign • CoinMarketCap Listing PHASE 2: GROWING TOGETHER • 5,000 Telegram Members • 10,000 Holders • Influencer Connections • Competitions • NFTS


72% LP: We are providing LP, locking it away and renouncing ownership. It’s forever there. 7% Team: The team will be holding 7% of the tokens. The tokens are distributed amongst the team members and will remain active in the community. 7% Community/Competitions: In a designated wallet, competitions will be held and rewarded to the community. We want to put this aside as we want to grow the community members, and so competitions, artwork, memes and moderation will be rewarded. 5% Development: Development cost time and money. We will also be using these funds to pay for an audit. 7% Marketing: NyanShib will NOT be marketed to influencers. We want a long sustaining community and to do this is to get on board strong long term players.