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It's safe, NotSafeMoon.

This is not your normal "moon" coin. No lopsided liquidity dumps. No sending LP tokens to devs. 6% reflection to hodlrs. 2% true burn on every transaction. "Moon" coin analytics dashboard for all your accounts and coins.


No Lopsided Liquidity

"Contributing" to a liquidity pool doesn't work if it's one sided. This destroys the value of the token in the same way a "whale" selling does.

No LP Token Hoarding

What the devs of other projects don't tell you... Most keep the LP tokens for withdrawing liquidity at a later date. Some hold over 30% of the liquidity tokens!

Rewards to Humans. Not Robots.

Sending rewards to the liquidity pool cuts into holders rewards and lopsides the pool.

No Free Rides on Your Gas

Every "moon" coin we tested makes you pay the gas if they need to do a lopsided liquidity dump and you are the next one to make a transaction. You end up paying 4x-5x the normal gas.

No Secrets

All dev wallet addresses are published and open for anyone to view. 2% of the initial supply is held in a seperate wallet for marketing and promos to fund continued growth. The remaining tokens were burned at Presale. (marketing tokens may be burned if decided upon by the community)

True Ongoing Burns.

Most "burn" addresses don't have incoming transactions after the presale. The 2% burn fee is sent to the burn address on every transaction, verifiable on the blockchain. No sending rewards directly to burn. Those rewards are yours.



Original Supply

15% Initial Burn

8% Tax on Transactions

6% Redistributed to Holders
2% True Burn

Profit from Holding

Holders are rewarded with a 6% transaction tax which puts NotSafeMoon directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.