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$NRF is the first nihilistic deflationary meme token. Purpose? No fucking reason. Utility? No fucking reason to be considered useful. Pumping? For no fucking reason, but yes, pumping.

NoFuckingReason, $NFR, is a memetoken running in the binance smart chain. $NFR is a relatable meme, carrying our own existential essence along it…. No fucking reason. We’re here because of NFR. With a 8% liquidity tax raising the floor price continuously, $NFR is bound to make some good pumps. Along it, is a 5% redistribution fee per Tx, giving the diamond hands of our community, our rocks, our NoFuckingReason holders, a good reason to stay being them, no fucking reason.


The tokenomics are as presented :

Supply : 10,000,000,000

Max Tx : 100,000,000 ; 1%

Initial Black Hole : 1B ; 10%

NoFuckingReason carries with it, a max transaction of 1%. This helps limit the capacity of whales. Deflationary by nature, dev will send an amount of supply to the dead address, letting it accumulate through the redistribution, limiting dumping power every time. A deflationary powerhouse, if you will.