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Why $NEST?

Crypto  moves fast and it can be hard to keep up. Opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. How can NestSwap help?

NestSwap is a safe haven for crypto investors. A place that feels like home, where you come up with your best ideas and most importantly a place where you can successfully execute on opportunities. With NestSwap tools you’ll be able to identify and capitalize on opportunities from the comfort of home.


Every successful project has a great roadmap. NestSwap is no exception, pushing against waves of pointless coins popping up every hour we’ve got a lot to prove and little time to prove it. Our goal of having the best investment tools on the BSC starts now.

NestSwap – The functionality-first token helping investors through innovation, efficiency and community.

May, 2021


 $NestSwap Launch 




Influencer Marketing



Community AMA


TrustWallet Logo


June, 2021


   Dex Launch


   CoinGecko Listing


   CoinMarketCap Listing


   AIO Swap Dashboard


   PCS Liquidity Hunter / BSC Sniper


 Advanced Tech Analysis


   Limit Orders


Doxxing Event


July, 2021


Stop Loss Orders


Mobile App


 Anti-Whale Token Launcher


 Exchange Listing


August, 2021


More Coming Soon...





Original Supply

39.5m tokens left after 251 cycles


Tax Per Cycle

20% Redistributed
80% Burnt


Profit Holding

We reward hodlers with 20% of the tax pool at the end of each cycle


Higher Token Value

We burn a massive 80% of the taxed tokens which will leave us with an extremely low token supply.