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What is Navalny Token?

Nowhere is there a more acute need for a decentralized and a reliably anonymous payment instrument today than in Russia and Belarus.

Russians and Belarusians need an instrument that would allow to crowdfund legitimate and home-grown efforts of Russians and Belarusians to bring about the long-awaited democratic change.

The NAVALNY coin is a BEP20 token representing a 21st century response of the crypto world to this challenge.

The NAVALNY token is not only a safe and completely anonymous crowdfunding tool, it is also a community token, involving measures such as burning of tokens and distribution of commission shares to the benefit of the community cause.

What makes Navalny
Token unique?

Just like unjustly imprisoned Alexey Navalny, the team of NAVALNY token project believes democratic Russia and Belarus is possible. Our mission is to make this coin into wave of people power against dictators

This is something that has simply never been done through crypto yet, and we plan to lead this innovation and transform the project into nothing less than a civil movement, crowdfunded by the token. Besides the unique structure and tokenomics, the cause that the token serves is unprecedented in the crypto world – we simply intend to help people in their struggle for democracy and contribute to the free world where every one of us dreams to live in.

From its very inception, the mission of the token is a unifying one and goes way past the ordinary commercial reasons, in fact, it’s more a political statement and start of a movement than a mere crypto project. It creates a movement that comes from the people, is run by the people, and is for the people – and we believe that all of that is unprecedented in the crypto world


2021 Q2

Fair Launch, Initial 30% burn

2021 Q2

Start of open sale, reaching 1000 followers on the Telegram Channel, launch of the token website, marketing campaign debut

2021 Q3

First transaction from our crowdfunding wallet to financially support democratic efforts in Russia and Belarus

2021 Q3

Second transaction from our crowdfunding wallet

2021 Q2

Liquidity locked, start of limited pre - sale (10 000 000 per transaction), launch of Navalny Token Official Telegram Channel

2021 Q2

Reaching 1500 followers on the telegram channel, 1000 members in Navalny Token Telegram Group.

2021 Q3

Listing on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap, Contract Audit

2021 Q3

Listing on a top 20 Exchange, Integrating the token with 5 different crowdfunding systems in Russia and Belarus



NAVALNY Token is a cryptocurrency that is built to the maximum benefit of the people who hold it and every activity that the token makes rewards the holders. Being heavily linked to political activism and to struggle of the people for the democracy, it is meant to contribute to that cause and to the holders through every action it takes. This has been designed in the following way:

The total supply – 1,000,000,000 (one billion) NAVALNY tokens.
Burn with the launch of the token – 30% of the total supply.
Developers and the team hold – 9% of the token totally.
Liquidity is locked for 5 years.

Every transaction of Navalny Token has a commission of 5%, which is divided in three equal parts:

1% from each transaction is distributed among the holders of the token

3% from each transaction is added to the liquidity pool of the token

1% from each transaction is accumulated in a special charity wallet, which will be accumulated to crowdfund the democratic efforts in Russia and Belarus on a monthly basis