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Our Story

Natura Token comes from the will of three young Italian entrepreneurs who wanted to put together the passion for decentralized finance and charity. The aim of Natura Token is to help the world by funding non-profit organizations that deal with ecological problems such as marine pollution caused by plastic waste or air pollution caused by carbon dioxide. For this reason one of our biggest goals is to plant 1,000,000 trees, useful to reduce global warming, to protect little animals and to prevent landslides.


4% Charity

Sent directly to the charity wallet. To then be used for donations to non-profit organizations that make the earth a cleaner place.


2% Distribution

Holders will recieve tokens through a static reflection. This means long term is a key factor.


1,000,000 Trees

One of the main goals of our project is to plant 1,000,000 trees. We expect to fully fund this goal with the 4% charity fee.

Total supply : 100 mln

Token pre-sale : 45 mln

Price in the pre-sale : 1bnb = 750.000

Token Pancakeswap : 30 mln

Price on Pancakeswap : 1 bnb =500.000

Token for the charity wallet :
4 mln ( 4% )

Developer’s token : 2% * 3 devs

Marketing expenses : 5 mln

Burn : 10 mln


Minimum order quantity: 0,05 BNB

Maximum order quantity: 1 BNB