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NAFTY is the next-generation token for the adult industry, aimed to both empower content creators and reward content consumers across the Nafty Network – a social 360° adult-entertainment ecosystem for the Blockchain age. The adult industry is a massive USD $97 Billion industry, where most of this amount is channeled to large licensing and production companies acting as “middlemen” rather than to content creators, which leads to content consumers having to pay higher fees to gain access to their favorite content. NAFTY, as a socialized re-distribution DeFi protocol, helps content creators to earn much more, and content consumers to pay much less via disintermediation, as well as receive rewards from all transactions across the Nafty Network, or in other words – whenever someone (i.e. consumers of adult content) make a transaction on any one of the platforms across the Nafty Network, whether someone is watching a video or communicating directly with a content creator, every token holder on the network receives part of the transaction to his or her wallet. Content creators, amateur or professional, will benefit not only from earning higher amounts for their work, but will also be able to charge for exclusive content, where they can receive payment in Fiat or crypto, and tipped in NAFTY tokens. What makes NAFTY unique in the adult-cryptosphere is that the Nafty Network already has 3 platforms for the adult industry ready to launch in parallel to the public sale, with additional platforms already in the process of being launched

Middlemen: The producers, agencies and platforms (like onlyfans) taking huge percentages from the creators. Our token solution and platforms will cut those middlemen fees and give the creator more incentive to produce content. Our fees on our NaftyFans fanclub will be only 10% (compared to 20% on onlyfans) and only 2.5% on the NFT marketplace. Marketing: While major social and traffic sources ban adult content and promotions, we provide creators the ability to promote themselves and grow their fan base by shoutout management from inside the platform (between the creators) and affiliate programs to attract traffic and fans from other external sources. Payment solutions: The majority of payment solutions ban the adult industry, whereas the others use this weakness to charge the creators huge fees, we will cut those fees by using blockchain technology and our token. By using crypto currencies or NAFTY, there are no payment fees. Copyright: Our NFT solution provides the copyright to the creator for their content and ensures the content belongs to the creator and they will get royalties for every sale and every usage of the content. 


We have built a token that will serve the industry and reward the holders automatically. Token protocol : Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Total Supply : 100 Billion (100,000,000,000) NAFTY 80% of the token will be burnt before the launch 10% will be sold on pre-sale 6% for the liquidity – locked for 1 year 2.4% for marketing, influencers and partnerships to continue the success - 50% will be locked for 10 months (5% each month) 1.2% for operational costs, development, maintenance, advisors and incentive to the team - 50% will be locked for 10 months (5% each month) 0.4% will be allocated to reward liquidity providers or for burning Burn Pre-sale Liquidity Мarketing Team & operations Reward liquidity providers or for burning

Each transaction triggers a 2% fee, is redistributed to all the current holders, in proportion to their current holdings. Another 2% fee is forever locked in the liquidity pool in order to reduce supply and generate a price increase on each transaction. To reward holders we would like to carry out a buyback and burn or lock of LP tokens. This would be done with a percentage of the profits generated from the platform.