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MUNCH uses a transaction fee on buys and sells to distribute resources to charitable causes. This fee is converted to Ethereum (ETH) at the point of transaction and sent directly to the charity wallet. The idea was born from the idea that the money people invest in DeFi is money they can afford to risk. This is also money they can afford to donate to causes that interest them. MUNCH is aimed at people that want to improve systems that they have so far been locked out of. People that want to establish a standard where financial services have inherent redistribution of equity built in via a more egalitarian system.


DeFi tokens, such as MUNCH offer decentralised financial applications via blockchains which recreate traditional banking and finance concepts, in a decentralised manner. Automated and trustless systems make third party go-betweens unnecessary. By creating a parallel financial system, DeFi tokens are creating new expectations for transparency with significantly lower costs and faster processing. This allows users to conduct financial operations, such as earning interest, receiving loans, network staking and derivatives, to insurance, gaming and trading synthetic assets. DeFi tokens enable decentralised applications to run on their network infrastructure

With Munch, the community decides the causes to support

For MUNCH to react to new crises and issues, we are able to change the token address published in our contract. The cause will be updated each month, decided on by a vote from the community in our Telegram channel. The first causes MUNCH will put to the community will be accredited and vetted charities working towards the following causes

Road map

2021 Q2

  • Website V1
  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • Contract audit
  • Whitepaper V2
  • Establish marketing, growth, and operations strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Grow social media and brand phase 1
  • Community contests and giveaways
  • First PR with charity partner
  • First digital advertising campaign
  • Binance bridge
  • Small surprise

2021 Q3

  • Register legal entity
  • Website V2
  • Launch governance system and charity voting webapp
  • Launch several marketing campaigns
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Influencer collabs and cameo
  • Listing on a top 10 crypto exchange
  • Strategic partnerships with major investment channels
  • Charity NFT partnerships
  • New staking rewards
  • Launchpad platform (design phase)

2021 Q4

  • Additional exchange listings
  • Launchpad - for social causes
  • Launchpad - for new crypto projects
  • Charity NFT marketplace beta

2022 Q1

  • Launchpad - for individual causes
  • Accepting crypto payments/donations as a service - automated wallet setup and partner APIs


● 10% transaction fee ● 5% fee to be distributed to token holders ● 5% fee to charity (directly to the charity, we don’t own the wallet) The original distribution was designed to be 2% in distribution and 1% in donations but this was changed to the 5 and 5 model after feedback from the community. MUNCH Whitepaper V2.0 TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000,000,000, (100T) ● 15% to burn during specific burn events (15T - Time-locked for specific burn events) ● 10% Dev team allocation with a range of ownership between 0.5% and 2% per person ● 5% presale with a max of 0.5% per person held across 10 accounts ● 12% Marketing budget ● 5% development budget ● 8% Liquidity and exchange listings ● 45% pooled This gives us a circulating supply of 85T, b


MUNCH has implemented a structure to guard against both: ● Locked liquidity The initial liquidity, provided by the core team and pre-sale, has been locked using Unicrypt. This locked liquidity means the project will continue to exist regardless of price fluctuations. ● No mint function There is no ability to generate new tokens beyond the existing supply. ● Minimal single ownership The core dev team split 10% of the total supply, ranging from 0.5% to 2% depending on