Mount Scamulanjaro
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Imagine this right. You are sitting at home with your pet Llama, your only friend in the world, when you start to think maybe now is the time for something adventurous. And you decide to Mountain climb. But you won't just climb any mountain no way. You will climb Mount Scamulanjaro.

Mount Scamulanjaro is from the same team that brought you MoonRise which went to a whopping million dollar market cap. Mount Scamulanjaro is an everrise fork meaning a bot buys with every sell. Current sitting around $1k MC this mountain is one you will want to climb.


LP locked and ownership renounced. Serious dev team and this is ground floor. Catch the next Ever Rise fork that was Stealth Launched. Won't take much to push this to $1m. This team's last project did. Dedicated and passionate telegram community the sky is the limit with Mount Scamulanjaro. The only thing it won't be is a scam. The peak of the mountain is in the moon.